Airtel SMS Not Sending – Problem Fix

airtel sms not sending
airtel sms not sending

Airtel SMS Not Sending is a very common problem for Airtel sim users. But the problem is not so big you can easily solve this problem by using some simple steps.

Today in this article we will provide a tutorial on fixing the airtel message not sent problem. If you get unable to send SMS error on your airtel sim card then this post will help you to fix it.

How To Fix Airtel SMS Not Sending Problem

Airtel users are unable to send SMS from their phone and get the SMS not sent error, it happens sometimes due to network issues. Also, the error shows when you change the SMS Center number on your sim card.

If you are facing this problem then always check your balance first. Because if you don’t have an SMS balance or Main Balance then you can not send SMS. In case your balance is low then recharge your mobile number and the problem will be fixed. Below we have provided the 3 easy ways to fix the SMS not sending in airtel problem.

Call To The Airtel Customer Care

If you get “SMS not sending error” in airtel when you try to send a message then you can call the customer care executive and tell him/her the problem. You can dial 198 from your airtel number to contact customer care. Alternatively, you can dial 9933099330.

Check If Messages Center Number Is Correct

If you are unable to send a message from your number then check if the SMS center number is correct or not. If you recently make any changes then this can be a cause of the problem. You can talk to the customer care executive for the correct SMS center number. Also, you can visit Below we have provided the airtel SMS center number for all circles.

Airtel Delhi +919810051914
Airtel Karnataka +919845086007
Airtel Maharashtra +919898051916
Airtel Chennai +919898051914
Airtel West Bengal +919932029007
Airtel Tamil Nadu +919898051914
Airtel Andhra Pradesh +919849087001
Airtel Bangalore +919849087001
Airtel Bihar +919831029416
Airtel Gujrat +919831029416
Airtel UP East +919810051914
Airtel UP West +919810051914
Airtel Assam +919818023015
Airtel Haryana +919810051914
Airtel Uttrakhand +919845086020


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How To Change SMS Center Number

  1. Open The Messaging App
  2. Go to Settings and Scroll Down
  3. Click Short Message Service Center (SMSC) settings
  4. Select The Sim Card If You Have Dual Sim In Your Phone
  5. Check The SMS center number is correct or Not

See Below Picture For Changing Message Center Number Of Airtel


airtel message not sent
airtel message not sent
fix airtel sms problem
fix airtel sms problem
airtel message center number
airtel message center number

Check If Your Mobile Balance Is Low

If you don’t have any balance on your sim card then also you will get the airtel SMS not sending error. Check if you have sufficient balance or not. By downloading the My Airtel App you can easily check your balance. If your balance is lo then recharge with a plan and you will be able to send SMS.

Check If Your Mobile Have Good Signal

If you are in a low network connectivity area then you can not send messages so, if you get the sms not sending in airtel then change your location and try to resend the message.

How To Fix Airtel Port Message Not Sending?

If you send port out SMS to 1900 then you have to keep a sufficient balance because airtel charges normal SMS rates for sending SMS to 1900.