Check Signature in Bank Account

check signature in bank account
check signature in bank account

Check Signature in Bank Account: Today we will talk about how to check Signature in Bank Account. Nowadays every people have bank accounts with a different bank. If a person has only one account there is no problem. But if someone has multiple bank account with different banks then there have a chance to forget the signature that he/she had submitted at the time of account opening.

A signature is very important for a bank account. Signature used to identify and verify the original bank account holder. Because every human has a unique signature. In a bank account signature is used to authorize cheque payment. If you want to change your linked mobile number or want to change the address then you have to provide your signature with the application form so the bank authority can verify you as the account owner.

How To Check Signature in Bank Account

SBI, Axis, Icici, HDFC, Kotak Mahindra, and Bank Of Baroda are some popular banks in India. Most people have their bank account with these banks. If you want to check your signature that you have provided at the account opening time then you have to contact the branch manager.

Bank does only allow the account owner to check the signature. You have to request your branch manager to show the signature from the bank database. Keep in mind that you have to carry your original Aadhar card and Voter id card with a written application.

There is no other way to check the signature in a bank account. You must have to visit your nearest branch.

Can You Check Signature in Bank Account Online?

Many people use Internet Banking to manage their accounts. It is true that internet banking gives many options to manage a bank account. You can change and update your mobile number and email id from internet banking.

But banks do not allow to see the signature from internet banking. So, you can’t see your signature online. You have to visit your bank branch office.

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