Know If Someone Is On Call – Number Busy Check Without Calling

know if someone is on call
know if someone is on call

Know If Someone Is On Call: Today we will tell you how to check if a person is on another call without calling the phone number.

Using The Trulecaller app you can easily check if a person is busy on a call. After installing the application you have to follow some easy steps. Below we have provided every piece of information with step-by-step instructions. We have also attached some screenshots which will help you to understand the process easily.

Truecaller is also known as the number busy check app. Truecaller is developed by True Software Scandinavia. The app is available for Android and iOS mobiles. Truecaller Official  Website is Caller identification, Call-blocking, Caller ID, Telephone directory are some features of the application.

How To Know If Someone Is On Call

Using the Availability feature of Truecaller we can check if a person is busy or available.

To use the Availability feature First, you have to download the truecaller mobile application. Because the number busy check feature is available on the mobile app only. You can download the app from the Google Play Store, In case you are an iPhone user then download it from the Ios app store. After installing the Turecaller app follow our below instructions.

Please note that to check someone’s call status both users have to install the Trecaller app on their phones.

How To Check If Someone Is On Call Using Truecaller (Step By Step)

Download App – Download Truecaller From App Store

Install and log in – Install and log in to the app using username and password. If You are a new user then choose the sign-up option.

Open App – After login, you will see your all call logs in the truecaller app.

Check If Someone Is On Call – To check if a person is busy on another call you have to find the person’s name from the true caller call logs. You can also search for contact names from the search bar.

If the person is busy on another call then you will see a red icon on the contact name.

number busy check app
number busy check app

Tap To Get Detailed Information – Also, you can click the contact name to see detailed information. If you tap the contact name you will see the On a Call Tag on the contact name.

check if someone is on call
check if someone is on call

Number Busy Check App Download (Android and iOS)

App Name TrueCaller
Size 85 MB
Platform Android and iOS
Cost Free


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Truecaller App To Know If  A Mobile Number Is Busy or Available Without Calling?

Ans – Yes you can use truecaller app as a number busy check app. Using the trucealler’s Caller Availability feature you can easily know if a person is busy on another call or not without calling.

How to Know if Someone is talking on the phone without calling?

Ans – You can follow our above number busy check tutorial.

How To Check If A Mobile Nuber Is Busy Without Calling?

Ans- You can download the Truecaller App and Follow Our Above Tutorial.

Is The Trucaller App Is a Free To Download?

Yes, Truecaller is a free app. You can get it from the google play store for free.