Private Check In -Get Hotel Without Credit Card and ID Proof

private check In
private check In

Today in this post we will talk about the Private Check In at Hotels. If you travel from one country to another country or within a city then this post might help you to do “Private Check In” in top hotels.

What is Private Check In

Private check-in means when you go to a hotel’s reception and book a room at the same time by handover some ID or credit card and get the key for the room. Most people use this type of check-in when they go on an unplanned journey.

Basically to book a hotel room people need to talk with hotel officials in advance. But in private chek in people don’t need call or visit the hotel reception.

Get a Hotel Room By Private Check In

Generally, most of all Hotels keeps some hotel room unreserved. So, they can provide room if someone needs a room very urgently. But keep in mind that you have to always carry your ID Proof to get a room in a hotel. Follow the below guidelines to do private check-in at hotels.

How To Get Private Check In At Hotel

First, you need to find a hotel and talk to the receptionist. The receptionist will confirm if there is available any room.

After the confirmation, you have to provide ID proof and make payments. After that, the receptionist will hand over the room key. Now you can enter the room.

What is a Private Room In Hotel?

Generally private room means when you book a room of a Hotel without booking the entire hotel. People use private rooms for Part, Weddings, and Meetings.

You can book a private room online From MakeMyTrip and Goibibo. You have just visit the website and choose the date and location. You will get your booking reference ID and Room No.

Best Website For Booking Private Rooms


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Frequently Asked Question on Private Check In

Do I Need To Provide ID Proof?

Ans – Yes as per law you have to provide ID proof if you book hotel rooms.

What To Do If I Don’t Have Credit Card?

Ans – If you don’t have a credit card then you can make payments using Debit Card, UPI, or Cash.